Your Questions

  • What is Jamify?
  • Jamify is a music player and organizer for your NFT collection. You can discover new music, and buy NFTs by upcoming artists from around the world. It can display your RelayX wallet collection and lets you make and share playlists.
  • How does it work under the hood?
  • Jamify is essentially an interface to interact with Run tokens on the BSV blockchain. It uses the RelayX API but in theory, these dependencies could be switched out for any blockchain indexer supporting Run. We display your RelayX wallet collection using RelayOne.
  • How do I sell a music NFT from my collection?
  • You can list anything in your wallet on the RelayX Market by visiting clicking the collectible in your Relay wallet.
  • I get an error trying to buy "allowance rejected". How do I fix it?
  • Go to your RelayX wallet and log out, then log back in.

Known Issues

  • Can't seek on some tracks in Chrome
  • Most track durations are incorrect
  • Sign in not working on Safari or iOS? - See this tweet
  • Sign in not working on Brave? - See this tweet